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Connections: 20 Years of Curating by Jordan Faye Block

  • Eubie Blake Cultural Center 847 N Howard St Baltimore, MD, 21201 United States (map)

October 18 – November 23, 2019



Jordan Faye Block is thrilled to celebrate her curatorial career over the last two decades in the exhibition, Connections: Twenty Years of Curating at the Eubie Blake Cultural Center.

Join her Friday October 18 for an Opening Celebration from 6–10pm at The Eubie Blake Cultural Center at 847 Howard Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. The Eubie is also hosting a Closing Party on the last Saturday of the exhibition, which is Saturday November 23, from 7–10pm. Gallery hours at The Eubie are Wednesday – Friday 1–6pm & Saturday 11–5pm.


847 N Howard St

Baltimore, MD, 21201

United States


The exhibition will feature works by these fifty artists: Laura Amussen, Christopher Attenborough, Christine Bailey, Elizabeth Bawol, John Bodkin, Pip Brant, Geraldine Butler, Jim Condron, Lawrence Cromwell, Lisa Dillin, J. Terry Downs, Tom Driscoll, Lindsay Fleming, Willa Frazer, Dawn Gavin, J.M. Giordano, Chehalis Hegner–Ganson, David Herman, Julie Jankowski, Michelle Kaufman, Siri Padmani Kaur, Heather Kirtland , Alex Kondner, Lori Larusso, Karen Lemmert, Liz Liguori, James Long, Kate MacKinnon, Janet Maher, Katherine Mann, Jenee Mateer, Bryn Marie Migliore, Wyatt Mitchell, Nicole Mueller, Sean Naftel, Lat Naylor, Kristin Panousos, Scott Ponemone, Derek Price, Edwin Remsberg, Janna Rice, Julia Ribeiro, Kevin Runyon, Erin Treacy, Blythe Thea Williams, Lori Rubeling, Gina Tackett, Elisa Wells, Valerie Vermeulen, and Justyn Zolli.

CONNECTIONS: 20 Years of Curating by Jordan Faye Block at The Eubie Blake Cultural Center.

People always ask me how I come to find my artists – and I realize it’s through the connections I make as an artist myself and also the connections that I make with other artists. As long as I can remember I have always explored the studios of my peers and had this desire to see what’s in there, what’s that person up to. Through delving into gallery shows, and later by attending graduate school at the Maryland Institute College of Art, I have been fortunate to meet and connect with so many talented and unique artists.

But really the connections started when I was a junior at Truman State University and I switched my major from Nursing to Fine Arts. I met two amazing artists that were visiting artists at the school, Pip Brant and Stephanie Ryan, and that’s really where I saw and learned about being tenacious and putting my work out there, and doing things that are not the norm for most people. Watching Pip Brant cut through a lot of red tape and bullshit on Truman State University’s Campus to get student work shown both in the University’s Art Gallery and installing student sculptures on the quad was this awesome experience. It inspired me to launch my first gallery, The PIP Gallery at Plymouth State University, where I had transferred.

From the beginning, I knew that for me, going to graduate school was going to be about making connections. Initially I thought I would be making connections with my professors so that I could show my own work in New York. Turns out I couldn’t stop myself from the drive to curate the work of my peers that I was so stimulated by, and making it connect in the cool independent spaces I visited in Baltimore.

In my second year at the Mount Royal Graduate School I was asked to curate a space in Federal Hill, that turned into my first commercial gallery, Gallery Imperato. After two years as Gallery Director at Imperato, I was finally ready to launch my own endeavor, Jordan Faye Contemporary. During many different iterations and amazing and diverse venues, I was able to connect my artists with a large group of collectors and enthusiasts.

Today, I continue to make connections through my multi purpose space Thrive Atelier, where my passion for the arts has connected with my passion as a Yogi.

There has been a lot of connections that I have built over the years and I can’t wait to share them all with you. I’m grateful to Derek Price and the Eubie Blake Cultural Center for partnering with me and allowing me to present this exhibition in their beautiful gallery space.

Many thanks to Terry Downs, Robert Olson, and Willa Frazer, without whose support, guidance and construction skills, none of the above would have been possible. Thank you to all the amazing artists who have agreed to share their work on this occasion, and to all the artists who’ve worked with me throughout the years. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

– Jordan Faye Block

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