The second of two photography exhibitions OPENING by Jenee Mateer



BREAK BOUNDARY | places real and imagined 

October 27 – November 30, 2018

LAUNCH PARTY & BOOK SIGNING | Saturday, october 27 | 7–10pm



Thrive Atelier at The Cork Factory.

302 E. Federal Street 5 Floor | Call box #10
Baltimore, MD, 21202
United States

HOURS: Wed & Fri 10AM-2PM | SUN 1-4PM

Cleo, archival photographic pigment print on innova fine art paper, 2018

When you really love an artist, you stack the decks; or in this case the bookshelves and the walls! Seriously, I love this woman's work so much – what better way to launch her new book (& also the studio after a summer of renovations)?

On Saturday, October 27: Launch Party & Book Signing for Baltimore-based artist Jenee Mateer's Break Boundary: Places Real and Imagined at our studio, Thrive Atelier, top floor of the Cork Factory, Federal St (entrance) & Guilford Ave. 

Break Boundary: Places Real and Imagined  is also the name of a gorgeous book, filled with photographs from her series Break Boundary I & II and ethereal poetry & text by Mateer, with an afterward by Francine Weiss, Curator of the Newport Museum of Art. It is published by George F. Thompson Publishing in association with the American Land Publishing Project. There is a reading on Sunday November 11 at 2pm in the studio. Her book will be available for purchase during the exhibition and online.

Jenee and I have been working together going on 9 years; this exhibition marks the seventh solo show that I’ve curated of her work and I’m thrilled about it.

Come celebrate it all with us!

Love & Gratitude, Jordan

P.S. The exhibition Break Boundary: Places Real and Imagined runs through November 30, 2018 and our fall gallery hours are Wednesdays and Fridays 10am–2pm, Sundays 1–4pm or by appointment.


“From surface to self, Mateer takes the viewer on a journey from one psychological and spiritual state to another. In Mateer’s “waterscapes,” the conventional or anticipated boundaries between land, water, and sky begin to vanish; horizons multiply and join; and the ‘break boundary’ emerges. “ Francine Weiss, Curator of the Newport Museum of Art


I discovered the term “break boundary” when reading Marshall McLuhan’s influential book, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (1964). Coined by Kenneth E. Boulding (1910–1993), who was a co-founder of the General Systems Theory, the term refers to the transformative point at which a system suddenly and irrevocably changes from its original state into something new. I often think about water, land, and sky in relation to this term and about how photography is evolving as an art form and medium for self-expression. Given that technology allows us to manipulate the photographic image in drastic ways, at what point is a photograph no longer a photograph? Technology allows us to change our environment as well. At what point will we have shifted the ecological balance of our waters, lands, soils, and atmosphere so much that we irrevocably effect significant change in climate and weather? How will such change affect our collective DNA and notions of the expanding universe? Thoughts about these things inform the photographs that are presented in this book. The book encompasses two photographic series (Parts I and II), in which I wanted to see how far I could push my photographs of water, land, and sky and still maintain a sense of the natural landscape. Together, the two series, each introduced by a poem, are meant to engender curiosity about the world and insight into one’s relationship to it. In thinking about a title for this book, I realized that the term “break boundary” applies to both series. It also alludes to breaking waves and the horizon that divides land, water, and sky as well as the point of transformation where photographs of real places become imaginary. As an artist, I have long been interested in color and light, in creating images that reveal the relationship between environment (and place) and the understanding of self. In this collection of photographs, I explore my various connections to water, land, and sky. Like many others, I am drawn to water and never tire of looking at it—whether an ocean, river, or lake—and all of the photographs in this book come from one of those water-based settings. In such places, the play and movement of sunlight and clouds create endless variations of color and form and invite quiet yet profound contemplation about what we see before us.

– Jenee Mateer


Jenee Mateer is a photographer and video artist born in 1965 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She received her B.A. in English/Modern Studies from the University of Virginia in 1987 and her M.F.A. from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1996. In 2007, she joined the faculty of Towson University, where she is currently Associate Professor of Photo Imaging and Chair of the Department of Art + Design, Art History, Art Education. Her work has been exhibited in numerous venues, including the ArtHamptons Art Fair, Biggs Museum of American Art, Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Jordan Faye Contemporary in Baltimore, Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, Masur Museum of Art, Newport Museum, Rhode Island Foundation, San Francisco Art Market, Scope International Art Fair in Miami, and Texas Contemporary Art Fair in Houston. She is the author of The Animals (2012), her essays and photographs have appeared in the 1st International Photography Annual (2012), The Photo Review, Masters of Photography, and Philosophy of Photography, and her photographs are in numerous private collections, including China Trust Bank.


Thrive Atelier is a southern light–filled art exhibition space, yoga studio, and wellness hub located on the fifth floor of the Cork Factory, a former industrial building in the Station North Arts & Entertainment District. Founder Jordan Faye Block has created a haven for art, conversation, music and yoga. The studio is also home to Thrive Music events, art openings, and readings. The studio has viewing hours on Wednesdays and Fridays (10–2pm) & Sundays (1–4pm) the studio is open to the public to come by and view the current exhibition.

As an artist, designer, and curator – Jordan Faye Block earned her MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art (Mount Royal School of Art) and brings 19 years of experience in running art galleries & curating exhibitions to these new endeavours. Ms. Block received her BFA in Printmaking from Plymouth State University where she co-founded the PIP Gallery. Ms. Block has continued to make work throughout her 15 years in Baltimore. Her newest body of work was in a two person exhibition with Alex Kondner at Grey Matter Art Space this past June. Her large-scale paintings, drawings, and monotype installations have been shown in group exhibitions in New York, Baltimore and Chicago. She founded Jordan Faye Contemporary in 2006, curated 180 exhibitions, and brought her artists work to Miami, the Hamptons, Houston, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Ms. Block continues working with artists developing their careers, as well as assisting collectors in building their collections and providing installation and curatorial services for them.  She lives & works in the Station North Arts District with her beau, Ned Sparrow, & her sweet cat, Scheherazade.


Break Boundary | 2011 (Jordan Faye Contemporary | 1401 Light St)

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Break Boundary: Places Real and Imagined | 2018 (Thrive Atelier | 302 E Federal St)