weekly class schedule

radiant body yoga  |  energetic movement + meditation

Jordan on the terrace of the Nelson Kohl Building.


MONDAy @ 4:30–5:45Pm • 75 MIn.

TUESDAY @ 9–10am • 60 MIn

THursday @ 9–10am • 60 min.

SaTURday @ 8–9Am • 60 min.

kundalini yoga

TUESDAY @ 6:30–7:30pm • 60 MIN.

ThursDAY @ 7:30–8:30pm • 60 MIN.

FRIday @ 12–1pm • 60 min.

BLiS Moves | Special Class Series

taught by Lauren Kelly– Washington

8 Mondays | APril 15 – June 17*, 6:30-7:30pm

On Memorial Day & June 3, there will be no class; classes resume June 10.

Our Radiant Body Yoga is an energetic yoga class followed by meditation; it comes out of the Hatha, Tantra & Kundalini traditions & teachings. 

This is a great introduction to kundalini kriyas, basic postures will be taught, along with shifting energy through the body via the basic spinal series and other introductory kriyas.

A kriya is a series of gestures & postures infused with intelligence.

In a world that moves too fast, that is sometimes superfluously connected – it is in the energy we find in ourselves through practice that one is able to be truly connected to oneself and those around us. 

This radiant body yoga practice creates a sense of self-awareness. At times leaving one feeling more focused & grounded, energized & arisen. Each kriya is different. Every 40 days I will change this practice and the selected kriya(s) to shift the state in our mind & our body.

This class is composed of Asana (postures), Kriyas (a set of actions/gestures infused with intelligence), Pranayama (breath work) & Meditation.

Classes | $15 drop–in•5 class pack $60

Kundalini is the spark, the light that comes from within, that enables one to shine brighter.  Through it's movement, meditation, chanting, and quiet contemplation one may find inner strength, peace & light to carry themselves & those around them out of the darkness. 

Learn more about Kundalini yoga and why it’s called the yoga of awareness here.


The classes that are taught at thrive atelier are influenced & have been passed down by my teachers & mentors – Martha McAlpine & Kia Miller. 


When Attending our Energetic Yoga Classes:  

Our doors open 15 minutes prior to class, and close 5 minutes prior to the beginning of class as we are located on the 5th floor, please leave time to travel through our building to our studio. There are both stairs and of course an elevator to our space. There is free street parking, as well as a small parking lot adjacent to our building. 

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