Magical space with vibrant and calming energy! Jordan is a class act and very personable.
— Steve Bumbry

Beautiful space for beautiful art.
— Rachel Fabian Mace

Last year I decided to add more beauty to my classes somehow. I envisioned cards to convey the schedule, the workshops, the trainings I had going. Enter artist/designer Jordan Faye Block and it all came true. Gorgeous cards which also served to up the ante on my offerings - to be sure the content matched the cards. Collaborate. Dream. Find the ones who can amplify your dreams and make it beautiful or strong or prosperous or anything you like.... Yogis, if you like the idea, reach out to @jordanfayeblock and have her help your teachings shine.
— Martha McAlpine

Showing my work in Jordan’s gallery was a very positive and great experience. She is the consummate professional and very richly endowed with great taste and a good eye. She is fearless and has continued to successfully sell my work. A great ally and friend Jordan will flourish as she continues to evolve.
— John Bodkin

About The Salon Series 

I learned a lot, met some cool people and had a great time. Would recommend to artist of any level.
— Ben James