What does Kundalini mean to me?

Kundalini has been called 'The Yoga of Awareness'. And it does create one on so many levels.  Creating a greater awareness in your mind, in your body, an awareness of how intelligent this technology is that exists within us.  It's in our breath, it's in the way we move through our day, further still how we move through our lives.

There is magic in this practice.  There is perseverance, it creates stamina, determination, pushes your resistance, pushes your ability, and the more you trust and move through this resistance & come out on the other side, the more the practice gives you.  the more you get.  the more you feel.  the awareness in all things shifts. grows. takes shape in the most beautiful of ways. 

I've often said of my practice (when curating) that my process isn't always pretty or clean, sometimes it's a bit messy or seemingly chaotic. It's pulling everything out, resorting it, re-arranging it, and then re-positioning things until they make sense. Until they become connected visually, spatially and when they really begin talking to one another then I know I'm on to something. I don't just see the connections but I feel them. 

And the end result is beautiful. The exhibition, the work – it sings, it moves me, it inspires me, it teaches me to see things in new ways. And it reaches out to others in the same way. 

This may be a leap... however as I see it – what i've learned in almost 20 years of curating exhibitions is how I feel about what the process of kundalini yoga & the practice do. It's what its all about! It's what it does inside my body. This practice creates movement, change, a shifting of the alignment in our bodies and when it's finished we feel it! We stand taller, think clearer, live our lives with more grace, love & ease. And not just in our bodies but in everything that we do and how we connect with others too. 

This is why I think the practice of yoga that I have learned from my teachers  (both Martha McAlpine and Kia Miller) is so important. Why I've shifted everything in my world around & made the space to share it with you. 

Come let's make beautiful change together at Thrive Atelier. 

Looking forward to seeing you very soon. The time is Now. The studio is Open. 

Love & Gratitude, 
Jordan Faye Block



to learn more about the Yoga Of Awareness? read on!



  • Prana yoga mats

  • Blocks & straps

  • Blankets

  • Diffused essentials oils

  • Our utmost attention in guiding you during your practice

  • Tranquil light–filled studio

Our doors open 20 minutes prior to class, come early if you like! We are located on the 5th floor, please leave time to travel through our building to get to our studio. There are both stairs and of course an elevator to our space. There is free street parking. As well as a small parking lot adjacent to our building, if spaces are open feel free to park there.