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radiant body kundalini yoga

 led by Jordan Faye Block



This radiant body practice is a blend of Hatha, Tantra, & Kundalini traditions.

This class is very special, this practice is amazing and it really is for everyone.  At Thrive Atelier, this radiant body kundalini practice is being taught by me, Jordan Faye Block. I’ve studied & trained closely with Martha McAlpine (out of YogaWorks Baltimore) over the last 3+ years and with Kia Miller at the Himalayan Institute where I received my 200 hr Radiant Body Yoga Teacher Certification (focusing on Kundalini & Vinyasa). I love the energy, the feelings of confidence and clarity that the practice has brought to my life.  With Martha's guidance, I’m now teaching a monthly sequence, several times a week in the new studio.  Between these two women and their trainings, I’m is delighted to bring a combination of this radiant body kundalini yoga to the Station North Arts District in Baltimore, Maryland.

In Martha's words regarding the practice – "These classes are available for everyone. The postures or gestures can be modified to suit all abilities and the practice remains just as effective. Feel free to talk with me at the start if you feel you need guidance. Every class is begun from the most modified version and we build from there. Just practice at the skill level that best serves you. If we hold a gesture too long for you, stop... Rest. Respect your body. Return when you are ready. Remember, this is a practice to be done again and again. Strength and stamina will come over time if you are diligent." 





Radiant Body & Kundalini Yoga  |  Weekly Class Schedule

New Class Schedule.

Radiant Body & Kundalini Classes led by Jordan Faye Block

• Mon | 4:30–5:45PM Radiant Body YOga

• TUES | 9–10am Radiant BOdy Yoga

• TUES | 6:30–7:30pm Kundalini

• ThURS | 9–10am Radiant BOdy Yoga

• THURS. | 7:30–8:30pm Kundalini

• FRI | 12–1pm Kundalini

• Sat | 8–9am Radiant BOdy Yoga


  • Prana yoga mats (on a first come, first serve basis)

  • Blocks & straps

  • Blankets

  • Diffused essentials oils

  • Our utmost attention in guiding you during your practice

  • Tranquil light filled studio


Frequently Asked Questions :

What do I need to bring? 

Bring your mat. Bring an open mind & a sense of curiosity. Bring a friend. Wear comfortable clothing or yoga clothes if you prefer. We provide all the necessary props (i.e. blocks, blankets, and straps). We do have several Prana yoga mats – they are available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Is it appropriate for beginners?

These energetic yoga classes: both Kundalini and Radiant Body Yoga are suited for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. These practices come from my teachers Martha McAlpine & Kia Miller, and the teachers before them.  The practice of kundalini & radiant body yoga is designed for everyone. 

How would you describe Radiant body yoga & Kundalini?

Our RBY & Kundalini classes are made up of a combination of Asana (postures and gestures), Kriyas, Pranayama & Meditation. Each month we practice the same warm–up set of postures and the same sequence of energetic movements that she teaches in her classes at YogaWorks. This series of intelligent actions is called a kriya. Although it builds as the month goes on in terms of what the body recalls practice after practice. We are building energy as we move, through our bodies and in our minds and in the space around us. 

We begin with various gestures that warm up the body. After opening up the muscle groups (in our spine, in our hips, and in our upper body)  we then pause to say the Adi Mantra – ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO.  How I interpret the meaning of Ong Namo is all of the things outside of ourselves that teach us – our books, our teachers, the food we eat, the experiences that we digest, the made and unmade which nourish and support us. And then Guru Dev Namo, means everything inside of us, we are inviting the teacher within to guide us in this practice. Then we move on to the kundalini Kriya which is a set of intelligent actions that cause a change in our state, in our energy. We move, we shake, we breathe, we do these gestures all in a very specific energetic and sequential way that is passed down from my teachers, Martha McAlpine and Kia Miller, and their teachers, and their teacher's teachers. Kundalini originally was brought to the West by Yogi Bajan. 


Circling | pivoting from sits bones & the hips (both directions)

JORDAN FAYE BLOCK & MARTHA MCALPINE after one of M's classes.


WHAT to expect

Expect to move, shake, let loose, play, explore both your strength & your stamina. Move to find the inner recesses of yourself.  

Discover joy, light, feeling the energy pulse through your body, mind & spirit. 

Kundalini is often called "the yoga of awareness'. 

Our doors open 20 minutes prior to class, and close 5 minutes prior to the beginning of class as we are located on the 5th floor, please leave time to travel through our building to our studio. There are both stairs and of course an elevator to our space. There is free street parking, as well as a small parking lot adjacent to our building. 

Want to learn even more about Kundalini Yoga and it's origins? Read on. 


How does Jordan see the connection between Curation & Kundalini?